When it comes to the Austin real estate market you never know what you’ll see next. The market has been moving so fast over the past few years that many predict a bust. Property values are at an all time high and many investors are banking that they [property values] will continue to grow. Many residents of Austin and especially East Austin have begun to feel the overwhelming heat of the tax man and the wanna be Donald Trumps that have gathered in Austin for the feast. Well there are two things we can’t avoid in life and those are death and taxes, but we can avoid those Donald Trump wanna bees simply by doing this. Avoid calling those bandit signs that say anything like “We buy houses” or “I Buy Houses” simply because the people hanging these signs aren’t even the investors looking to buy. They are scavengers, attempting to lure unknowing home sellers into a transaction in which the seller loses and the sign hanger wins. The person who placed that sign, took your call and made you a lowball cash offer is liely living hand to mouth, but they’ve been promised a healthy paycheck if they can get someone to sell their home at  price that is grossly under market value. The investor then flips the home and makes a boat load of cash and the “bird dog” that hung the sign and found him the house, got a healthy commission of several thousand dollars, all without having a real estate license. If you have a home to sell you can do better than this, call Alan at TexasTopDollar.com for a fair cash offer that will happen on your terms. We buy houses in the Austin and surrounding areas and we pay Top Dollar in cash! We are rated 5-stars on YELP, check us out!